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-Anti-staphylococcal properties of Eichhornia crassipes, Pistacia vera, and Ziziphus amole leaf extracts: Isolates from cattle and rabbits
-Biological treatments as a mean to improve feed utilization in agriculture animals-An overviewMONA MOHAMED MOHAMED YASSEEN ELGHANDOUR ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem ; JOSE SIMON MARTINEZ CASTAÑEDA ; LUIS MIGUEL CAMACHO DIAZ ; Ahmed E. Kholif ; JUAN CARLOS VAZQUEZ CHAGOYAN 
-Detection of sensitive and mutant ruminal bacteria isolates from sheep, cattle, and buffalo using 14 therapeutic antibiotics
-Development of the first georeferenced map of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) spp. in Mexico from 1970 to date and prediction of its spatial distributionYAZMIN ALCALA CANTO ; JUAN ANTONIO FIGUEROA CASTILLO ; OSVALDO FROYLAN IBARRA VELARDE ; REMEDIOS YOLANDA VERA MONTENEGRO ; MARIA EUGENIA CERVANTES VALENCIA ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem ; JORGE ALFREDO CUELLAR ORDAZ 
-Digestion, growth performance and caecal fermentation in growing rabbits fed diets containing foliage of browse trees
-Dual purpose cattle production in Mexico
-Effect of organic selenium supplementation in the diets of finishing sheep on meat color and pH during shelf lifeYAMEL LIBIEN JIMENEZ ; María Dolores Mariezcurrena Berasain ; Jorge Alberto Lugo de la Fuente ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem ; Ahmed E. Kholif ; ROCIO VACA PAULIN ; Maria Antonia Mariezcurrena Berasain 
-Effect of organic selenium-enriched yeast supplementation in finishing sheep diet on carcasses microbiological contamination and meat physical characteristicsGISELA VELAZQUEZ GARDUÑO ; Maria Antonia Mariezcurrena Berasain ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem ; ANA TARIN GUTIERREZ IBAÑEZ ; LUZ RAQUEL BERNAL MARTINEZ ; DORA LUZ PINZON MARTINEZ ; Ahmed E. Kholif ; Nicholas Odongo ; María Dolores Mariezcurrena Berasain 
-Effect of pesticides applied in cowpea production on rumen microbial fermentation of cowpea haulms as reflected in in vitro gas production
-Effect of polyethylene glycol on in vitro gas production kinetics of Prosopis cineraria leaves at different growth stages
-Effects of cellulase and xylanase enzymes mixed with increasing doses of Salix babylonica extract on in vitro rumen gas production kinetics of a mixture of corn silage with concentrate
-Effects of organic chromium supplementation to finishing lambs diet on growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality
-Effects of sun-drying and exogenous enzymes on nutrients intake, digestibility and nitrogen utilization in sheep fed Atriplex halimus foliages
-Evaluation of physico-chemical and microbiological quality of sheep meat in the central higlands of MèxicoALMA FABIOLA ARAUJO GUZMAN ; ANA TARIN GUTIERREZ IBAÑEZ ; Maria Antonia Mariezcurrena Berasain ; DORA LUZ PINZON MARTINEZ ; LUZ RAQUEL BERNAL MARTINEZ ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem 
-Fertility, mortality, milk output, and body thermoregulation of growing Hy-Plus rabbits fed on diets supplemented with multi-enzymes preparation
-In vitro gas production of five rations of different maize silage and concentrate ratios influenced by increasing levels of chemically characterized extract of Salix babylonica
-Influence of individual or mixed cellulase and xylanase mixture on in vitro rumen gas production kinetics of total mixed rations with different maize silage and concentrate ratiosMONA MOHAMED MOHAMED YASSEEN ELGHANDOUR ; AHMED Eid ; OFELIA MARQUEZ MOLINA ; José Fernando Vázquez Armijo ; Anil Kumar ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem 
-Influence of live cells or cells extract of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on in vitro gas production of a total mixed ration
-Influence of roasting, gamma ray irradiation and microwaving on ruminal dry matter and crude protein digestion of cottonseed
-Marketing of meat sheep with intensive finishing in southern state of MexicoJaime Mondragón Ancelmo ; JUVENCIO HERNANDEZ MARTINEZ ; SAMUEL REBOLLAR REBOLLAR ; Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem ; ROLANDO ROJO RUBIO ; Ignacio Arturo Domínguez Vara ; ANASTACIO GARCIA MARTINEZ