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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Antibacterial efficacy of gold and silver nanoparticles functionalized with the ubiquicidin (29–41) antimicrobial peptideENRIQUE MORALES AVILA ; GUILLERMINA FERRO FLORES ; BLANCA ELI OCAMPO GARCIA ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; Johnny López Ortega ; DIANA GABRIELA ROGEL AYALA ; Diego Sánchez Padilla 
2-Facile solventless synthesis of a nylon-6,6/silver nanoparticles composite and its XPS studyRAUL ALBERTO MORALES LUCKIE ; Víctor Sánchez Mendieta ; Oscar F. Olea-Mejia ; ALFREDO RAFAEL VILCHIS NESTOR ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; VICTOR VARELA GUERRERO ; LAZARO HUERTA ARCOS ; JESUS ANGEL ARENAS ALATORRE 
3-Ligand synthesis catalyst and complex metal ion: multicomponent synthesis of 1,3-bis(4-phenyl-[1,2,3]triazol-1-yl)-propan-2-ol copper(i) complex and application in copper-catalyzed alkyne-azide cycloadditionMARIA TERESA RAMIREZ PALMA ; JESUS SEGURA ARZATE ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; ERICK CUEVAS YAÑEZ 
4-Preparation and characterization of a tumor-targeting dual-image system based on iron oxide nanoparticles functionalized with folic acid and rhodamineALEJANDRA ANCIRA CORTEZ ; ENRIQUE MORALES AVILA ; BLANCA ELI OCAMPO GARCIA ; CARLOS GONZALEZ ROMERO ; LUIS ALBERTO MEDINA VELAZQUEZ ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; Erick Cuevas Yáñez 
5-Role of the vaccum pressure and temperature in the shape of metal Zn nanoparticlesROBERTO LOPEZ RENDON ; ENRIQUE VIGUERAS SANTIAGO ; Pedro Estanislao Acuña Avila ; SUSANA HERNANDEZ LOPEZ ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; Erasto Armando Zaragoza Contreras ; CLAUDIA ALEJANDRA HERNANDEZ ESCOBAR ; Wilber Antunez Flores ; NAYELY TORRES GOMEZ 
6-Study X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy determination of interactions between gold nanoparticles and epidermal growth factor for potential use in biomedicineMaría Guadalupe González Pedroza ; Víctor Sánchez Mendieta ; JORGE A. MORALES VALENCIA ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; LILIANA ARGUETA FIGUEROA ; OSCAR GONZALEZ PEREZ ; RAUL ALBERTO MORALES LUCKIE