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Title: Acerca de los estudios sobre el futuro
Authors: Edgar Samuel Morales Sales 
Keywords: Multidisciplinarias (Ciencias Sociales);Studies about the Future;Club of Rome;Latin America;Wars;Population growth;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/5
Publisher: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Description: The aim of this article is to present to local and non specialists readers a new field of knowledge: The studies about the Future. Taking in consideration that anxiety of man to know what is goin to happen in the near, in the middle and in the long-term, future is a constant among every social group. Some scholars have proposed that we most think seriously about what kind of world we will inherite to future generations. The text remember that thirty year ago a group of european intelectuals (Club of Rome) predicted that by the end of this century the whole world would have a severe nourishing crisis due to the propultion growth, and to the lack of sources of energy, but also to the raid of an intolerable pollution. The mit made also several predictions in the same direction, and some scholars thought that a Third World War between socialist and capitalists countries would be inevitable by the same time. Finally, the text propose a reflection about the studies of the future and Latin American societies.
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