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Title: Optical properties of carbon nanostructures produced by laser irradiation on chemically modified multi-walledcarbon nanotubes
Keywords: Carbon nanostructures;Carbon nanotubes;Laser irradiation;Optical properties;Photoluminescence;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/2
Publisher: Optics & Laser Technology
Description: Apoyo a la Red Temática de Colaboración Académica: Desarrollo de Materiales Compuestos con propiedades Ópticas, Eléctricas , Magnéticas y sus aplicaciones
This research focused on the nanosecond(Nd:YAG-1064 nm) laser pulse effect on the optical and morphological properties of chemically modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes(MWCNT).Two sus- pensions of MWCNT in tetrahydrofuran (THF) were prepared,one was submitted to laser pulses for 10 min while the other (blank) was only mechanically homogenized during the same time. Following the laser irradiation, the suspension acquired a yellow-amber color,in contrast to the black translucent appearance of the blank. UV-vis spectroscopy confirmed this observation, showing the blank a higher absorption. Additionally, photoluminescence measurements exhibited a broad blue-green emission band both in the blank and irradiated suspension when excited at 369 nm, showing the blank a lower intensity. However, a modification in the excitation wave length produced a violet to green tuningin the irradiated suspension, which did not occurin the blank. Lastly, the electron microscopy analysis of the treated nanotubes showed the abundant formation of amorphous carbon, nanocages, and nanotube unzipping, exhibiting the intense surface modification produced by the laser pulse. Nanotube surface modification and the coexistence with the new carbon nanostructures were considered as the conductive conditions for optical properties modification.
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