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Title: Comparison of cadmium adsorption by inorganic adsorbents in column systems
Keywords: adsorption;cadmium;zeolitic tuff;sewage sludge;carbonaceous material;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/2
Publisher: Water Air Soil Pollut
Project: 225;1943
Description: Carbonaceous material obtained from industrial sewage sludge and Na-zeolitic tuff were used to adsorb cadmium from aqueous solutions in column systems. The Bohart, Thomas, Yoon–Nelson, and mass transfer models were successfully used to fit the adsorption data at different depths, and the constant rates were evaluated. The parameters such as breakthrough and saturation times, bed volumes, kinetic constants, adsorption capacities, and adsorbent usage rates (AUR) were determined. The results show that the breakthrough time increases proportionally with increasing bed height. The adsorption capacity for cadmium for Na-zeolitic tuff was higher than carbonaceous material. The results indicated that the Na-zeolitic tuff is a good adsorbent for cadmium removal.
CONACYT, project 131174Q, and PROMEP/103.5/13/6535 project.
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