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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Demanda hídrica urbana en México: modelado espacial con base en sistemas de información geográficaCARLOS ROBERTO FONSECA ORTIZ ; CARLOS DIAZ DELGADO ; MARIVEL HERNANDEZ TELLEZ ; MARIA VICENTA ESTELLER ALBERICH 
2-Territorial approach to increased energy consumption of water extraction from depletion of a Highlands Mexican aquiferCARLOS ROBERTO FONSECA ORTIZ ; CARLOS DIAZ DELGADO ; MARIA VICENTA ESTELLER ALBERICH 
3-The establishment of integrated water resources management based on emergy accountingCARLOS DIAZ DELGADO ; CARLOS ROBERTO FONSECA ORTIZ ; MARIA VICENTA ESTELLER ALBERICH ; VICTOR HUGO GUERRA COBIAN ; CHEIKH FALL