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1-1D and 3D supramolecular structures exhibiting weak ferromagnetism in three Cu(II) complexes based on malonato and di-alkyl-2,2’-bipyridinesJONATHAN JARAMILLO GARCIA ; ANTONIO TELLEZ LOPEZ ; ROGELIO MARTINEZ DOMINGUEZ ; RAUL ALBERTO MORALES LUCKIE ; DIEGO MARTINEZ OTERO ; VICTOR SANCHEZ MENDIETA ; ROBERTO ESCUDERO DERAT 
2-Modification of the structure and magnetic properties of fumarato-bridged Mn coordination polymers through different dimethyl-2,20-bipyridine co-ligandsANTONIO TELLEZ LOPEZ ; VICTOR SANCHEZ MENDIETA ; JONATHAN JARAMILLO GARCIA ; LUIS DAVID ROSALES VAZQUEZ ; IVAN GARCIA OROZCO ; RAUL ALBERTO MORALES LUCKIE ; ROBERTO ESCUDERO DERAT ; FRANCISCO MORALES LEAL