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Víctor Sánchez Mendieta
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Facile solventless synthesis of a nylon-6,6/silver nanoparticles composite and its XPS studyRAUL ALBERTO MORALES LUCKIE ; Víctor Sánchez Mendieta ; Oscar F. Olea-Mejia ; ALFREDO RAFAEL VILCHIS NESTOR ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; VICTOR VARELA GUERRERO ; LAZARO HUERTA ARCOS ; JESUS ANGEL ARENAS ALATORRE 
2-Study X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy determination of interactions between gold nanoparticles and epidermal growth factor for potential use in biomedicineMaría Guadalupe González Pedroza ; Víctor Sánchez Mendieta ; JORGE A. MORALES VALENCIA ; GUSTAVO LOPEZ TELLEZ ; LILIANA ARGUETA FIGUEROA ; OSCAR GONZALEZ PEREZ ; RAUL ALBERTO MORALES LUCKIE