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Title: La guerra entre ciencias exactas y humanidades en el fin de siglo: el escándalo Sokal y una propuesta pacificadora
Keywords: Multidisciplinarias (Ciencias Sociales);Sciences;Humanities;Alan Sokal;Jean Bricmont;Intellectual Impostures;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/4
Publisher: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Description: In this article is presented the scandal begun in 1996 between intellectuals and scientifics of usa, France and other countries, in reason of the publication of a scientific parody in an American leftist magazine by the physical Alan Sokal. The article is a repertory of illogicals, written deliberately to illustrate the facility how scientific impostures can be supported and the fall of the academic rigor standards in the American universities. A year after, Sokal in colaboration with the Belgian physicist Jean Bricmont writes the book Intellectual Impostures". The book has given the material to intensify the discussions about the exasperated intelectualism of certain eminent philosophers regarding the role of the epistemic relativism and the advance of postmodernism in exact sciences. "The Sokal phenomenon" is important since it gives evidence of the edges of the discussions that for years involve the relationships between sciences and humanities.
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