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Title: Producción manufacturera en dos regiones mexiquenses: evaluación de las leyes de Kaldor
Authors: Liliana Rendón Rojas 
Pablo Mejia Reyes 
Keywords: estudios territoriales;regional manufacturing production;kaldors laws;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/5
Publisher: El Colegio Mexiquense, A.C.
Description: On the basis of the first two Kaldors Laws and the estimation of panel data models, this paper shows that the generation of chemical products and others as well as metal products, machinery and equipment have significant effects on the growth rate of the manufacturing production of the Toluca-Lerma and Valle de México regions over the period 1970-2008 (First law). In addition, our results suggest the existence of increasing or constant-scale economies in the former and constant or decreasing-scale economies in the latter (Second law), which contributes to explain the differences in their growth.
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