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Title: Performance of the mexican manufacturing and assemblers to opening markets, the view contemporary
Authors: David Iglesias Piña 
Fermín Carreño Meléndez 
Keywords: Mexico;manufacturing;assamblers;economy;industry;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/5
Publisher: International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research
Description: International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research. Volumen 01. Número 10. Pp. 1751-1762. ISSN. 2455-8834.
The policies which were implemented to support manufacturing and assamblers in Mexico intensified since the nineties. The idea was of turning them into one of the nodal support activities of the Mexican economy, however, with the full opening of national borders the competition in this sector was bolstered in 1990, so the expected results for the country were limited, since significant fluctuations appeared affecting their performance and competitiveness at national and international levels, with consequent effects presenting a multisectoral drag that it still persists and affects some branches of manufacturing industry and national assamblers.
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