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Title: Effect of organic selenium supplementation in the diets of finishing sheep on meat color and pH during shelf life
María Dolores Mariezcurrena Berasain 
Jorge Alberto Lugo de la Fuente 
Abdelfattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem 
Ahmed E. Kholif 
Maria Antonia Mariezcurrena Berasain 
Keywords: antioxidants;meat quality;meat shelf life;se-enriched yeast;sheep;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/6
Description: Supplementation of Selenium (Se) can improve the oxidative stability of meat products and retard metmyoglobin formation; so prolonging color. Effect of organic Se addition in the diets of sheep on meat stability; color and pH are limited and need to be studied. A study was conducted with eighteen Pelibuey female sheep at the finishing stage, and supplemented with organic Se-enriched Saccharomyces cerevisiae for sixty days to evaluate its effect on color and pH of Longissimus dorsi muscle. The research was conducted in a block randomized design considering three treatments; control (Se0) without the addition of yeast, or with 0.35 ppm of yeast (Se34) or with 0.60 ppm (Se59). Sheep were slaughtered at an average weight of 39.5 ± 4.41 kg. Meat color and pH were recorder in the cold carcass, 24 h after slaughtering, and during shelf life at 0, 4, 6 and 8 days after slaughtering under refrigeration at 4 °C. No significant differences were observed (P>0.05) for meat color and pH characteristics due to treatment. Decreased redness (a*) and Chroma (C*) values due to storage time were observed; however, the yellowness (b*) and angle Hue were increased. It could be concluded that supplementation of Seenriched yeast in finishing sheep with 0.35 ppm and 0.60 ppm has no effect on meat color and pH characteristics.
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