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Title: Agroecological Traditional Peasant Knowledge in Mexico
Authors: José Carmen García Flores 
Jesús Gastón Gutiérrez Cedillo 
J Isabel Juan Pérez 
Keywords: agroecosystems;Peasant knowledge;systematization;rural localities;info:eu-repo/classification/cti/6
Publisher: ATINER’s Conference Paper Proceedings Series
Description: The aim of the paper is to present an application of a theoretical and methodological model for the systematization of peasant knowledge about a traditional agriculture practice of family orchards. It is a proposal that involves social participation, community organization and environmental education at three rural localities in the State of Mexico. The methodology applied includes participatory workshops, for obtaining ecological knowledge from farmers related to family orchards and agroecosystems management. The collected information was analyzed to identify aspects related to origin, application, transformation and transmission of traditional knowledge. The last step for knowledge systematization consisted of an important reflection that includes confrontation of the empirical experience with current theoretical approaches. The importance of this research, related to knowledge associated with family orchards, is due to their function of providing products for family subsistence. Because they allow “in situ” germplasm conservation, they favor family integration, foster community relationships, and bring environmental goods and services. Their management is based on vernacular and rational experience of using available natural resources, and represents an alternative for sustainable local development. However, these systems are subject to a disappearance process caused by urban growth, social migration, loss of traditional knowledge about orchard management, and lack of maintenance activities, among other problems that lead to abandonment. The study is based on the theoretical framework of agroecology, environmental education and knowledge systematization.
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