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  • Fernández Otero, Toribio; Martínez, Jose G.; Fuchiwaki, Masaki; Valero Conzuelo, Laura (Advanced Functional Materials, 31/10/2013)
    Free-standing polypyrrole films, being the metal–polymer contact located several millimeters outside the electrolyte, give stationary closed coulovoltammetric (charge/potential) loop responses to consecutive potential ...
  • Valero Conzuelo, Laura; Fernández Otero, Toribio; Martínez, Jose G. (Chemphyschem, 20/06/2014)
    The movement of the bilayer (polypyrrole–dodecylbenzenesulfonate/tape) during artificial muscle bending under flow of current square waves was studied in aqueous solutions of chloride salts. During current flow, polypyrrole ...
  • García-Córdova, Fransisco; Valero Conzuelo, Laura; Ahmed Ismail, Yahya; Fernández Otero, Toribio (Journal of Dynamic Materials Chemistry, 2011)
    Simultaneous actuation and sensing properties of a triple layer actuator interchanging cations are presented for the first time. Thick polypyrrole (pPy)/dodecylbenzenesulfonate (DBS) films (36 mm) were electrogenerated on ...
  • Valero Conzuelo, Laura; Martínez, Jose G.; Fernández Otero, Toribio (J Solid State Electrochem, 10/02/2015)
    Reliable polymeric motors are required for the construction of rising accurate robots for surgeon assistance. Artificial muscles based on the electrochemistry of conducting polymers fulfil most of the required characteristics, ...
  • Valero Conzuelo, Laura; Arias-Pardilla, Joaquín; Cauich-Rodríguez, Juan V.; Afra Smit, Mascha; Fernández Otero, Toribio (Sensors, 1/03/2010)
    Films of conducting polymers can be oxidized and reduced in a reversible way. Any intermediate oxidation state determines an electrochemical equilibrium. Chemical or physical variables acting on the film may modify the ...

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