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  • Ávila Córdoba, Liliana I. (14 WCEE, 1/10/2008)
    In the present paper, the 1985 mexico earthquake and its influence in the research activity in the country are analyzed. The discussion is focused in the masonry and concrete structures, the main research results and its ...
  • Martínez Barrera, Gonzalo; Barrera Díaz, Carlos E.; Cuevas Yañez, Erick; Varela Guerrero, Víctor; Vigueras Santiago, Enrique; Ávila Córdoba, Liliana; Martínez López, Miguel (8/01/2015)
    The development of the packaging industry has promoted indiscriminately the use of disposable packing as Tetra Pak, which after a very short useful life turns into garbage, helping to spoil the environment. One of the known ...
  • Ávila Córdoba, Liliana; Martínez Barrera, Gonzalo; Barrera Díaz, Carlos; Ureña Nuñez, Fernando (Hindawi, 22/05/2013)
    Concretes consisting of portland cement (OPC), silica sand, gravel, water, and recycled PET particles were developed. Specimens without PET particles were prepared for comparison. Curing times, PET particle sizes, and ...

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